Social matters

Against right-wing extremism and racism

Under the motto “KEIN TISCH – KEIN STUHL – KEIN TELLER” (No Table – No Chair – No Plate), RENT4EVENT is taking a stance against right-wing extremism and racism.  We do not deliver to Nazi and right-wing extremist events. Instead, we offer absolute priority support to various events that oppose right-wing extremism and advocate for tolerance.

For equality

Our society and career worlds are colorful and diverse.

In 2019 RENT4EVENT has signed the Diversity Charta and is therefore committed to the fostering of diversity at all of its business facilities. Extending unrestricted esteem to all our employees from 26 different nations– regardless of their age, ethnic background and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion or worldview, sexual orientation or social background – is a key component of our corporate vision.

We instruct local workplaces for disabled with the production of our catalog and the branding of our corporate dressing

Social engagement

We love to support our local societies or events with an social or cultural impact.
Even during the pandemic we hold memberships in regional associations, assist with the implementation of athletic and cultural events; and we support environmental and societal projects through donations as possible.