Charta der Vielfalt e. V.

Die Charta der Vielfalt ist eine Arbeitgeberinitiative zur Förderung von Vielfalt in Unternehmen und Institutionen. RENT4EVENT Berlin hat die Charta der Vielfalt 2019 unterzeichnet. 

DEG- Basispartnerschaft

Seit mehr als 10 Jahren sind wir Basispartner der DEG.

Eisbären Berlin Supporterclub

The supportersclub forms the biggest regional sportive-network of companies in Berlin

Düsseldorf Festival

Especially the support of events to our culture and event industry makes an affair to our hearts. We are happy to implement so many culture-events as this of the Düsseldorf Festival.

FC Union Berlin / Union-Club

Also our Union-Club, with over 37.000 thousand of members it symbolize the biggest sports club of our city.

Fortuna Düsseldorf

We are Fortuna Club95-partner. Within our partnership we support a few of their events with our equipment an manpower.

Krefeld Ravens

Founded in 2017, the american football-club raised up with it´s teams, holding three championsship titles from the NRW-Liga to the national league. Meanwhile they opened diverse teams from U10 juniors to the senior-team.


Is our own initative to take position against right-wing-extremism. We deny the delivery of any event related to right-extremism or nationalsozialism. Furhter more we support events against extremism or within the core idea of tolerance.

Sea Shepherd Deutschland e. V.

The mission of Sea Shepherd is to prevent the destruction of natural habitats and lifes of marine animals and to maintain their ecosystems sustainanbly.


With PRIMAKLIMA we are able to compensate every emission we can`t reduce. Therefor we reforest in worldwide projects to incorporate the CO2 we ejected.

Our Certificate numbers are:

RENT4EVENT Berlin: PK-DE-00626

RENT4EVENT Düsseldorf: PK-DE-00738

Türöffner e. V. in Berlin

This organization forms a big network for refugees to find new work. It benames the professional qualifications of refugees to occupy open positions and to fill the lack of skilled workers

RENT4EVENT verzichtetet seit 2019 auf den Kauf von Weihnachtsgeschenken.

As a company we decided to use our Christmas bonuses ( or christmas extras) to support social oganizations.

In 2019 RENT4EVENT formed some working groups to collect some donation goals. With the survey of our hole workforce we picked up following organizations to donate:

Kinderhilfe e. V.                               
Zukunft Afrika e. V.                
Loop Kinderhilfe e.V.

Grefrather Eissport
Düsseldorfer Galopp
Düsseldorfer Jonges
Gourmet Festival
Aidshilfe Düsseldorf e.V. Heartbreakers
Aidshilfe Düsseldorf e.V.