Advocacy for dedicated sustainability is a tradition in RENT4EVENT’s corporate history. 

As a service provider in the event sector, we have made it our objective to apply sustainable action to all of our corporate processes and decisions. 

In 2012, RENT4EVENT positioned itself as the first climate neutral event organizer. Maintaining a healthy environment as a habitat for future generations has diverse consequences for the actions we take now. 

Besides the diligent interaction with our environment, we are fully aware of our responsibilities vis-à-vis our employees and society as a whole.  Aside from cost effectiveness, social and ecologically conscious action is an elementary component of all of our decisions.

The opportunities for sustainable activities are diverse, the fields of action are complex. To be able to implement all of our intentions on a high level, we have defined quality standards at all of our facilities, which are subject to audits at regular intervals. 

The aim is not to implement all of these goals right away, but to take initial steps. This allows RENT4EVENT to participate in the sustainable development of the industry through its individual contributions. 


  • The consumption of paper and toner is to be optimized upto 80 % through the revision of all paper-based processes through digitization 
  • printing on recycled paper
  • Optimization of trash separation and recycling through training and provision of respective containers
  • we can also handle your food waste disposale
  • Optimization of our modern vehicle fleet to minimize our emissions
  • we use transport container with euronorm dimensions to reduce the consumption of stretch film. We also use custom-fit covers made from recycled cardboard
  • with our custom-fit racks we also protect our environment by optimizing the volume of transport and warehouse capacities
  • Have a look at our reusable halms and our sustainability strategy and goals:

    Our sustainability-seal by PrimaKlima: